A.C.E.S. member Bernie Bennett features in our spring spotlight.
Bernie Bennett's - Airbourne
AIRBORNE: Renowned equilibrist Bernie Bennett teams up with ace BMX rider Ayrton Jack, in this highly original show. But can they agree on the music - or the costumes? Comedy, audience participation and thrilling stunts on bikes and the tightrope, all make for a winning combination. In the second show, as well as more bike and tightrope tricks, the duo will attempt to outdo each other on the unicycle and to get an audience member to walk a tightrope! (All props are moveable and can be set or stuck in minutes, Height of tightrope 10ft. Two different 30 min shows, best suited to reasonably level areas of up to 40m x 40m. Ideal arena size 30m x 20m. Minimum performance area 20m x 15m (unless discussed in advance.)

m: 07866 573787 | w: www.mangoproductions.co.uk | e: whatif@phonecoop.coop
A.C.E.S. Spotlight features member Bernie Bennett.